5 Quick Ways To Organize Your Home Office

Clear up that space by perching your printer on a separate printer stand. Complete with storage compartments for additional reams of paper and file organizers, these stands will save you a significant amount of desk surface and storage space.

home office organizing tips

Some trays even come with space for you to store pencils, pens, and staplers. Use a desk drawer organizer in your drawers to help keep your small items organized. You can store paper clips, post-it notes, and pens without worrying about them rolling all over the drawer. Get a filing cabinet if you’re floundering in random paper. They’re kind of old school, but a filing cabinet is the perfect solution if your work involves a lot of paperwork. Get a bunch of hanging folders in a variety of different colors and organize all of your paperwork. For example, you could keep tax information in yellow folders, personal records in red folders, and client information in your blue folders.

Home Office Organization Made Easy

Check out this blog about home office organizing by Julia Weaver featuring Pyrus! This article originally appeared on the Redfin blog and has been published here with permission. Keep a dry erase calendar above your mail station to mark down deadlines and due dates for bills. Keep papers that you need to act upon in the near future, such as bills, on your desk. In this article, we list seven easy steps to prepare your home office for optimal productivity and motivation. Don’t just stick mail in a pile to be sorted or rifle through and take out the pieces you need right now. Sort it as soon as you get it – To act, To read, To file, To delegate or hand off.

  • If you choose a matching set of baskets, your office will look amazing while storing everything you need on open shelves.
  • If you’re starting from scratch, take a slab of plywood and connect it to a pair of matching dressers.
  • Make sure that you have plenty of space to accomplish the task at hand by keeping all of your papers, supplies and other documents tucked away in a shelving unit nearby.
  • The goal is to make your workspace even bigger, so try to aim for the same-ish height as your desk for a more seamless flow.

Rearranging and moving piles occasionally doesn’t count. Neither does clearing off your desk, if you swipe the mess into a bin, or a desk drawer. Use a wall-mounted shelf system to turn any nook into an office.

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But if you’re still trying to sort and organize that untapped storage space, consider adding a couple of minimal drawer dividers like this Malaren set from Ikea . Home office organization is something we don’t think much about until it’s too late. A pinboard, modular shelving system, and a tray table all provide extra room to store items and keep them organized in their designated areas. And though not directly related to staying organized, the monochromatic blue color palette Miles Redd chose certainly helps set a zen, productivity-boosting mood.

  • If you do need an office and you’re short on space, set aside a dedicated corner of a bedroom and use that as your working space.
  • You will be amazed at how little you need in today’s digital world.
  • We like this wingback version that adds a touch of class to the room.
  • This is an especially important tip if you work from home and things tend to get out of hand during the work week.

Use a muffin tin in your desk drawers to help keep your small accessories organized. You can store paper clips, tapes, staple removers, and more. 44 Home office organization ideas to help you create a home office you’ll love. Use cord organizers to keep wires neatly bundled together and prevent the space around your desk from becoming cluttered with cords. You can use adhesive hooks to attach cords to a wall or your desk and cord boxes to organize and hide wires to keep them out of the way. You can keep important information on file while eliminating paper clutter by creating digital copies.

Calendar In Some Productivity

Spouses or roommates shouldn’t be allowed to drop in any time of day, and neither should friends who live down the block (unless it’s absolutely necessary, of course). You may have found the home office tips perfect computer, printer, and keyboard, but you’re not done yet. Having a window will keep you in a healthy, productive headspace. Just as long as you don’t spend all day staring out of it.

home office organizing tips

The writing desk is a good option if you only need a surface for your laptop. You could always install a pegboard or wall organizer instead of a shelf if you need storage for a bunch of different supplies. Fancy end tables, extra chairs, stacks of recreational reading, and unused cabinets are just going to add to the visual clutter.

Decorative Wall

When organizing your home office, one of the biggest challenges you’re likely to encounter is keeping important paperwork accessible but other paperwork tucked away. Consider purging obsolete files and shredding documents you no longer need, especially anything with personal information. Create a filing system that separates active from inactive files, and designate a specific space for incoming mail, outgoing mail, and bills. One of the keys to telework organization is home office storage, and the systems that work best for you will depend on your work habits and preferences. You can opt for file cabinets, baskets, shelves, or bins, but be sure to designate specific containers for individual items based on type and usage. You may want to use open shelving for supplies you use often and stowaway cubbies for tools you want to keep out of sight. Keep in mind that regardless of the systems you establish, the key to success is consistently sticking with your organizational plan.

The biggest problem for most office workers are those important papers that seem to walk off. The average person wastes numerous hours every week searching for papers. It’s been fascinating to watch those that are not accustomed to working from home carve out their home office spaces. For years I had a space to work, but it wasn’t well designed.

Utilize Binders For Organizing Papers

I’ve seen some great ways to organize crafts where you have a craft/ work station and an office/ business station. These are difficult times and the isolation of working from home may aggravate mental health issues. That’s why it’s so important to be mindful of your wellbeing while working from home. No matter how organized your home office is, it won’t help you unless you are taking care of your state of mind.

  • Your home office’s wall space is prime real estate for storage and organization tools.
  • A filing cabinet is often a good addition to this space, holding seldom-accessed but nonetheless important files.
  • There are also apps that perform the fax machine and copier functions for you.
  • You need the space to be clear and keep the items you rarely use stored in a drawer.
  • Every person’s control system for their paper piles will be different.

I love labeling them, so I know exactly what is inside each pocket, making my daily tasks more efficient. They’re great for keeping papers, brochures, and other loose pieces in the office. If you are obsessed with color coordination like I am, click here to check out this stunning five-piece rose gold wire rack set. With just a few additions of thumbtacks and bits and bobs, I easily transformed the sheet into a wall-mounted organizer, memo board, and letter caddy. Keep your shelves neat and tidy by sorting out all your larger items into large transparent plastic boxes. They also work incredibly well for storing papers and other important documents.

Upcycle Office Essentials To Boost Your Mood

If your desk doesn’t come with sufficient file drawer storage, you’ll want to look for roomier cabinets that have dividers for different purposes. Here are 50 home office organization ideas, products and DIY projects to get your office in order and make it work for you. While most modern office desks have some form of cord management, you might still need to keep cords and wires tidy. A cord organizer is the perfect home office solution for keeping wires from getting all tangled while also helping you find them quickly. An easy way to quickly identify your files is to assign a different colored folder to each category. This way, you will know what you’re looking for at a glance rather than having to thumb through the labels, and can easily expand each category into multiple folders. While this may seem like a daunting task, it is actually very easy to whip your home office into shape with the right organizing tips and tricks.

home office organizing tips

You can also store pens, pencils, scissors, calculators, and other small objects you need in your home office. Use a desk organizer on your desk to help keep everything you need organized and at your fingertips when you need them. You’ll have a place for pens, tape, post-it notes, and paper clips etc.

Categorize Your Work Supplies

If you’re worried about drilling into the wall when your home office might not be a permanent fixture in the house, don’t be. Pack your tray with charging cables, extra pens, and any other day-to-day essentials and enjoy the convenience of a mobile workspace. Plus, the added bonus of beverages on tap means that you can stay hydrated – essential for remaining productive. Used to working with a multitude of screens and endless desk space? It can be hard to downsize from two large monitors to just one – or even just a simple laptop.

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